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Chef Amy's Journey to Gluten-Free

When Chef Amy Fothergill’s daughter was put on a gluten-free diet in 2007, she didn’t know where to start. Using white flour was an ingredient often used in her cooking.  She was able to find recipes, but she wasn’t happy with the results.

When she began the gluten-free diet for her daughter, she had just launched a home-based business, The Family Chef. With her many years of cooking experience, she started to experiment with ingredients and techniques until she found the right balance of texture and flavor in the dishes. Chef Amy was able to create delicious recipes that not only satisfied her daughter but everyone that tried them.

In an attempt to relate to the customers who were taking her gluten-free cooking classes, Amy decided to remove gluten from her own diet. Within a week, she felt lighter, had better digestion and was sleeping better. After a month, she realized gluten-free was for her. 

 A year after that, she noticed her son had the same digestive issues she used to have and had him tested for Celiac Disease and food sensitivities. The Celiac test came back negative for him and his gluten sensitivity was high. She put him on a gluten-free diet and two weeks later, his symptoms were gone.  Her husband also feels better without gluten so she converted her household to gluten-free.

 It's a good idea to have a Celiac test done while you are still eating gluten; otherwise it might not be detected. It's important to know if you have Celiac Disease because you need to be very careful that your exposure to gluten is almost none. Gluten can be in things other than food like lotions, hand soap, shampoo, medicine, and vitamins, to name a few. 

Now, more than ever, Amy is motivated to find great recipes and products to maintain this lifestyle. Although her family does not have Celiac Disease, Chef Amy considers herself an advocate for gluten-free living and cooking. She is currently working with Second Helping, a new gluten-free frozen food company to help create delicious, gluten-free food for the consumer market. 

She also writes articles about gluten-free eating and cooking on

If you would like help with getting started on a gluten-free diet, contact Chef Amy.


Some of Amy's favorite gluten-free products:

  • Second Helping gluten-free frozen food (local)
  • Pamela's Products (baking mixes and products like cookies)
  • Glutino (great crackers)
  • Zest Bakery (local)
  • Miglet's Bakery (local)
  • Mariposa Bakery (local)
  • Udi's (great bread)
  • Bionaturae pasta (tastes like regular pasta)
  • DeBole's pasta (excellent lasagna)