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In the Community

Chef Amy believes in giving back to her community. Here are some of the organizations for which she has volunteered.
Chef Amy at the San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market. Spring through fall, once a month, she helps by creating a recipe using ingredients from the farmer's market to show people how easy it is to use the produce to make dishes at home. She serves samples to the market attendees and helps to answer questions.

Chef Amy was the guest chef for two sessions of the Sprouts Cooking Club. Here, she shows children how to make whole grain pancakes with simple ingredients. Sprouts Cooking Club strives to teach children of all socio-economic backgrounds, how to cook hands-on, with real chefs using real ingredients. The children also learned how to make a chard risotto, crustless quiche and pea and mint dip.

In the summer of 2011, Chef Amy volunteered at Camp Celiac in Livermore, California. The camp is set up for children with Celiac Disease to attend and have a normal sleep-away camp experience without the worry of getting sick from gluten. The Taylor Family Foundation organizes the entire event from getting volunteers to funding to food donations. Here, Chef Amy taught a class to the parents about how to cook gluten-free for their family.