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"Amy...prepared a meal that would impress any guest and, in my opinion, they would never guess (it) was gluten or dairy free. Chef Amy proves that gluten and dairy free can be gourmet and delicious."
 -Kim Rice, Thriving Gluten-Free

"Amy just taught a private class for a group of 15 of us.  It was absolutely wonderful!  Amy's class was well-organized and fun!  She is extremely knowledgeable and gave us all kinds of helpful tips.  And the food was absolutely delicious!!!  I am trying to think of the next time I can host a party just so I can hire Amy again."  - Andrea B, Burlingame

"When our children were very small, I got into the bad habit of making "kid food" for their dinners at around 5 pm, then making a 2nd, totally different meal for my partner and myself a couple of hours later. Amy has helped me transform our family's dinner eating culture. From "kid food" to wonderul, nutritionally complete dinners with all of us sitting down together. We're all eating salad now (I was the only one who did that before), and trying new veggies, and we make a "Chef Amy" recipe at least 5 times a month. Yum! Thanks Amy! " - Dayna C, Half Moon Bay

"You gave us alot of great information and practical tips on planning healthy meals for the family. The "crazy banana shakes" are the best and my 11 month old is eating hummus now- who would have thought?!" - Chelsea J, El Granada

"I want you to know that the glazed apricot chicken and the quinoa would clearly rate on the top five meals I have ever had in my life... The flavors were so amazing together--thank you, thank you." - Cara S, Half Moon Bay

Sautéed Italian Chicken with Capers
over Gluten-free Spaghetti

Amy Fothergill has over 25 years of cooking experience. She was trained at Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration, a world renowned, ivy league hospitality school. She has worked in restaurants, catering and healthcare foodservice. Now that she is a mother of two, she has adapted her technical cooking knowledge to make the whole family happy, even those with certain allergies. She will teach you how to cook healthy, easy and, most importantly, delicious food.

As the Family Chef, she will share her secrets with you about how to juggle cooking with any busy lifestyle. She is available to conduct cooking classes or parties in your home as well as meal consultations. She can teach you everything from cooking basics to shopping strategies and will provide you with multiple recipes and useful kitchen tips.

Currently, she teaches cooking classes and provides home consultations. Classes can be held in your home or look for her at the following San Francisco Bay Area locations: Draeger's Markets, New Leaf Community Markets, and  Whole Foods Markets. She is a guest chef for the Farmers Market at the Ferry Plaza in San Francisco and she performs cooking demos. She writes a blog on family cooking, a gluten-free column for, articles for her local newspaper and other newsletters and is writing a cookbook. Contact her today for information on classes,  a consultation or a presentation.

Rainbow Platter:
This is always a big hit with young children
(read about Amy's tips on feeding kids)