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Cooking Consultations

If you are looking for some new ideas in the kitchen, let Amy Fothergill, The Family Chef, come to the rescue.

After completing a questionnaire, a home kitchen consultation involves looking at your family's lifestyle, food preferences, pantry and food storage as well as cooking style.

Amy will finish the consultation with a quick cooking lesson and send you meal plans and recipes. Mini-consultations are also available.

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As part of the consultation, you receive:

  • A meeting with Amy to determine your needs and goals
  • Meal plans specific to your family 
  • Recipes and techniques for making quick, delicious and nutritious meals
  • Suggestions on how to stock your pantry
  • A shopping list, all customized to your family
  • Optional private 45 minute cooking class.
Amy can help you create menus that are or can be:

  • Seasonal
  • Utilize whole grains and unrefined sugars
  • Gluten and/or casein free
  • Budget friendly